1. Every Teacher shall discharge his/her duties efficiently and diligently to match with the academic standards and performance norms lay down by the College Management from time to time.
  2. Every Teacher shall update his/her knowledge and skills to equip himself/herself professionally for the proper discharge of duties assigned to him/her.
  3. Every Teacher shall conduct himself/herself with absolute dignity and decorum in his/her dealing with the superiors, colleagues and students every time.
  4. As per the rules of the institute staff members must adjust their classes and show the consent of the substitute teacher to the HOD before going on leave.
  5. Staff members must take attendance with in first 5 minutes of starting the period.
  6. Latecomers should not be denied admission into the classes for being late. However, such students need not be given attendance.
  7. Trouble makers in the class rooms must be reported to the HOD/Principal / Director for further action.
  8. No teacher shall participate in any strike or demonstration and /or indulge in any criticism of College Management policy or of the Government for any reason whatsoever.
  9. Ever teacher must maintain a course diary for each subject offered during semester/year. It shall have following details: Syllabus, Lecture, and Lecture notes for each period, Date and time of preparation, Date and time of delivery.
  10. Teachers should handle the subjects assigned by the Head of the Department.
  11. Teachers should complete the syllabus in time. Teachers shall produce good results in the subjects handled by them and are accountable for the same.
  12. Assignment topics for each course are to be given to the students within a week of the beginning of the semester.
  13. Assignments should be written in Note Books. The Note Books are to be collected from the students in time and returned to the students after correction.
  14. Teachers should be good counselors and Facilitators. They should help, guide, encourage and assist the students to ensure that the Teaching-Learning Process is effective and successful.
  15. Teachers should maintain decorum both inside and outside the classroom and set a good example to the students.
  16. Teachers should carry out other academic, co-curricular and organizational activities that may be assigned to them from time to time.