About CRC

About CRC
The Corporate Recourse Centre is a conference place for the students of SDGI and transnational corporate executives. We are proud to introduce our excellent curriculum pedagogy and students to which has been formed in the wake of a wave of innovation and various technical advancements throughout the world.
An enabling environment is provided to the students, giving them enough choice of technical and non-technical organizations in order to develop them as creators, performers and problem solvers.

The most frequently cited accolades regarding our students from the organizations which are regular include their ability to learn quickly, versatility, their performance as team players, excellent analytical skills, and most importantly the positive attitude that they bring to their jobs. Training & Placement Cell strives to enhance student's placement on the job market and also offers a wide range of services for the students. Job opportunities are multiplying rapidly and at the same time market is getting acutely competitive.

TThe concept of Career Guidance & Placement has become integral part of the present day ethos and is reflected in the expansion of its domain to auxiliary functions like Pre employment Training, Institute-Industry Linkage, Updating Knowledge etc. The cell facilitates the dissemination of information about employment/higher education opportunities. Our Training and Placement Cell helps the students by conducting career guidance sessions handled by experts in the industry to identify their interests, values, skills and passions, and to examine the full range of opportunities that might be appropriate for them. Placement talks and campus interviews are also arranged for the students. The cell has been able to secure coveted jobs for a large number of students in multinational companies and government organizations.
Our association with over 100+ TOP Companies, constantly involved in bringing reforms in regular course curriculum, makes us different and unique from others. I am confident that these students will make a mark wherever they go and make their alma mater proud.

For more information please call us: +91-07840090830, 18008330080(Toll Free Number), Email - director_sdec@sunderdeep.ac.in

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  • Largest Infrastructure Partner-TCS
  • Largest Infrastructure Partner- IFBI Training Centre
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Special Module for personality grooming
  • Student & Faculty Chapters from ISTE & CSI
  • In-house Software Development, Testing & Deployment